4 ways Trekking improves your mental state

4 ways Trekking improves your mental state
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Trekking is the journey of discovery.? ?How you climb a mountain is more important than reaching the top.? These words from the founder of Patagonia, Mr Yvon Chouinard resonated deep in our trekker soul. Trekking brings you on a journey that leads to more than just the destination. Trekking can bring about self-discovery.

In the world we inhabit, with our busy city lives and modern world stress, how often have we called out ?I feel so stressed today.? In a world driven by results where the pace of life is ever speeding up, do you sometimes feel like you are running out of breath but staying in the same spot? That feeling discourages us, may even leave us feeling helpless, no energy, a lack of motivation, losing confidence in ourselves.? Trekking offers a solution.

?Trekking builds confidence in your ability to get things done?

If you are doing a trek either alone or with friends, you have an idea of where you are starting and where you need to each day. You have a goal, it is simple and straight forward, get to point B. Then the next day, get to point C, and so forth.? Maybe at first, you didn?t think you were capable of even completing the trek but as each day draws to an end and you reach your target for the day, you attain your goal. You feel good about yourself for the achievement.. Each day you grow more confident in your own ability. At the end of your trek, you surprise yourself with how manageable it gets day after day, how much you have enjoyed the journey. You realise how proud you are of yourself for putting one foot in front of the other through rain, volcanic sand, crumbly rocks, with a heavy pack and walking for hours and hours, never giving up.

?Your body and mind responds to new Stimuli?

Caught up in the grind of the city, being in the same environment, experiencing the same thing day after day, can leave you drained and exhausted.? Going out in Nature, taking a long walk allows the body and mind to experience new sights and sounds.? Taking in fresh air, surrounding yourself with the sounds of Nature rather than horns, beeps and message alert tones are great ways to get your neurons firing and your spirits recharging.

?Trekking can quiet the Mind?


An African Proverb says ?If there is no enemy inside of us, the enemy outside can do us no harm.? If we manage to quieten the mind and calm the negative self-talk, nothing the world can throw at us will pull us down. Trekking simplifies tasks, goals, and thoughts. In the natural environment with limited connectivity, distractions are easily set at bay. The mind cannot help but quieten. Trekking helps in tuning out all of the external noises that we hear on a daily basis in our busy life.? Once on the trail, we are away from the negativity and distractions, allowing us to tune in to our inner self, bringing us a step closer to peace.

?Trekking helps us to appreciate what we have in our lives?

Getting out, experiencing the sights and sounds of being outdoors, taking in the wonder of Nature, the spectacle of snow-capped mountains, the mystery of winding forest trails and the promise of the perfect sunrise imbues you with amazing positivity.

In the natural environment, stripped of the trappings of city, you get in touch with the core of what is truly important. You start to appreciate your good health, the body that enables you to be out and about, the fresh air you breathe in every morning, the clean mountain water from the streams, the incredible vistas unfolding before your eyes.

In the mountains, your natural ability to be in the present is not obstructed by distraction. It raises your level of awareness. It keeps you ?in the moment? and grateful for the ability to perceive the beauty that is everywhere around you.

Happy trekking!

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