6 Reasons to Go Camping Now

6 Reasons to Go Camping Now
6 Reasons to Go Camping Now

Imagine opening your eyes to a star-studded night sky. Imagine breathing in the freshest of air everyday. Imagine an environment so tranquil, silence is broken only by the sounds of nature and the elements. Imagine a world completely opposite of the hustle and bustle of modern city life.

We have a simple escape for you – CAMPING

Camping beside a crater lake

Yes, a camping trip into the natural beauty of the forests and hills will leave you mind blown and refreshed. The stunning beauty of the nature surrounding you, tall trees accompanying you on the hills, gurgling creeks along the path and the unpolluted and fresh air will make your trip unforgettable! Camping can be part of a multi-day trek, or can be along a trail accessible by your car; deep in the mountains, or right beside the sea. Avid travelers, trekkers and backpackers have even taken to camping as a way of life. We give you few reasons as to why you should also get outside and camp under the stars.

  1. Camp for peace and quiet

Imagine a morning without buzzing alarms, pings in your inbox and endless beeps on your mobile. With remote spots located deep within the national parks, forests and mountains ? and away from connectivity – camping provides you with an invaluable opportunity for a digital detox. Allow yourself to peel away from the trappings of modern life and be immersed in nature, reconnecting to calm and peace.

  1. Camp for fresh air

Putting up a tent in the hills is an opportunity for you to get the fresh air into your lungs. Get yourself away from the vehicle fumes, claustrophobia of tight, enclosed space, the concrete jungle that is high-rise buildings and the pollution of the city. Take in the crispness and purity of fresh mountain air.

  1. Camp to be one with nature

Living in compartments, travelling in air-conditioned cars and working within the four walls has made us lose sight of the natural environment. How many of us take the time to look out the window and admire the red and orange hues of the sun setting? Or how many times have you appreciated the trees and beautiful flowers that line the roads along the way home? It is time to take a break and reconnect with nature. Wake up to the sounds of birds. Open up your tent to stunning mountain scenery. Wash your hands in the stream.

  1. Camp to rebuild relationships

Day and night goes by without greeting our loved ones. In our busy schedules, we forget to express our love to our close ones, in spite of caring for them. We fail to devote time to them and allow our relationships to go down the drain. Building or even repairing relationships can be more easily done on your camping trip where you are off the grid, away from the pressing workload and pressure. It will give you some personal time and space to strengthen relationships.

  1. Camp for yourself

Checking into office, answering to your boss, driving back home and repeating the same cycle day after day has become such a routine that we forget to take some timeout for ourselves. We not only fail to devote time to our friends and family; we also fail to devote time for ourselves. A little introspection can go a long way towards alleviating stress. Hike up hills, put up your tent and spend some alone time tuning into yourself.

  1. Go off grid

We set alarms in our phones, check the news on-the-go in our phones and order food over the Internet. We have completely immersed ourselves in our smart phones. We tend to check for our phones vibrating, for notifications, for inbox messages that we fail to notice the person next to us, much less interact in the human world. Camping will give you a chance to cut yourself off from the digital world and go off grid, for one night or for several days.

Mountain camping
Embrace the solitude

On your next vacation, ditch the flamboyant and lavish trips and indulge instead in the soul affirming medicine that nature has to offer. Pick out a location, get your camping gear out and go stargazing.

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