A Diver’s View on Why They Fell in Love with Diving…

A Diver’s View on Why They Fell in Love with Diving…

What is it about scuba diving that is so liberating?

Perhaps the fact that you are accessing a part of the 70% of Earth?s surface that is outside the realm of most people?s everyday thoughts?

Or perhaps swimming through the blue can feel abit like flying. Without the downward gravitional pull, you move up and down with breath as your steering wheel. Intuitive, weightless and free.


Or maybe the colours, the action, the life of the marine world is so fascinating, so different from being on land, that all your cares fade away and all that remains at the forefront of your thoughts is the present.

When diving I live in the moment. My concerns are immediate and specific. Is my equipment working well? What are the conditions like? Is my buoyancy ok? Do I have enough air? Is my buddy within reach? Is my buddy doing ok?

Nurse shark up close

When diving I appreciate my present just as I am living it. The wondrous creatures and their weird and wonderful ways; the shapes and colours of corals; the scale of the marine megafauna, the massive walls, the big gorgonian sea fans. Within each, a micro-ecosystem where the smaller creatures find shelter – and larger ones food.

When diving I find renewed wonder in life. Such vibrance teems below a placid looking surface, the deep blue hiding a world humans can only visit temporarily. How blessed we are, those privileged enough to be able to access this world. How much more we need to do to preserve this world for future explorers.

– Anonymous…

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