It?s Summer, what have you been up to in 2018?

It?s Summer, what have you been up to in 2018?

It is already June and the year is moving quickly in 2018.? What have you been up to?? Kept your New Year?s resolution to get in shape and be more active? At Wildfire we have had quite the busy start of the year.


Trek the World

We opened the trekking season this year with an amazing trek across Rabbit Pass within the Mt Aspiring national park in Wanaka. Waterfalls, glaciers, cliff faces, and the most stupendous alpine scenery guided our steps ? with some weather shenanigans and creative route diversions. To learn our story, check out the Lessons of the Waterfall Blog. We are now in the midst of preparing for a horse trek through the Teredj National Park in the rugged heart of Mongolia.


Rock it out

During April and May, our climbers hit the walls hard rediscovering Wolgan Valley (we are now in Australia) with the epic adventure climbs around the former mining town of Newnes. Climbing at its best, trad with warm rock and beautiful weather. We have some incredible memories of the multi-pitch days!


Back in Singapore, our regular Intro to Rock climbing and Abseiling sessions (held outdoors of course) were once again sellouts. We are especially proud of Jasmine.? She followed her passion for rock from Dairy Farm to the sunflower fields of Lopburi, Thailand where she tackled 6a climbs! On the beautiful limestone cliffs of Khao Jeen Lai, our instructors held a climbing clinic for those who aspired to climb all day.


Sun, sea, sand

Moving to the ocean front, Michael, our Chief of Fun, stashed away with a group of island rats in a secret island, a short 2 hours from Singapore. A weekend of unwinding and unplugging. Swimming, frisbee and BBQ on the beach – sans wifi (gasp!) . Check out this awesome vid and be sure to join the next one!


Going underwater, as we write, our divers are enroute to Sipadan. The destination requires no introduction (it?s only one of CNN Travel?s Asia top 10 dive site) but if you want one anyway, check out the account of our maiden trip.

So 2018 got off to a rollicking start. What?s next you ask? Well, plenty?.. Dragon?s Spine, Holy ridge, Secret Islands, adventure climbing, Australia, Taiwan, Thailand. Excited yet? Check out our website for the latest offerings and continue to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Meetup and subscribe to our newsletter to live vicariously through us.

Live your life with passion!

Patrick and the Wildfire team!

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have been doing outdoor activities solo since my early adulthood. Usually when I get involved in a hobby or sport, I don?t let go until I achieve a high level and understanding of the sport. I got my scuba instructors in 2001. In 2006 I took up Kite surfing and am one level away from instructor on kite surfing. I have been doing trips into the wild, the off the beaten path trips for most of my life. I learned to repel and climb at a young age and have always enjoyed camping and backpacking. Over the 6+ years, I have gotten really involved in alpine style mountaineering. With certifications in mountaineering, and instructor certifications in lead climbing, and repelling (abseiling), I enjoy sharing or knowledge and teaching to those who have a passion for outdoors. Now I am working on completing the outdoor wilderness leadership program. People have always heard of my trips, and spoke with envy that they wanted to try such things but didn?t know how. This has inspired me to move to open this company. The Wildfire Expedition Company or ?Wildfire Expeditions?