Holy Ridge trek, Shei-pa National Park Taiwan

Holy Ridge trek, Shei-pa National Park Taiwan
Dapajian Mountain
  • The Holy Ridge trek Background
  • The Shengleng trail located in Sheipa national park which is a razorback ridgeline Connecting Main Peak of Xue Mountain and Dabajian Mountain, Shengleng Trail (Holy Ridge Trail) is over 3,100 meters, even over 3,580 meters between Main Peak and North Peak of Xue Mountain. There are many jagged, rugged rocks and steep, cliffy escarpments along the trail. Those who love mountain climbing have to overcome all difficulties with feat and trepidation, then able to finish this significant ridge. As an old saying in the mountain climbing realm goes, ?those who finish Shengleng Trail (Holy Ridge Trail) are qualified to get married.? It means only when a young man breaks through all difficulties along this trail can he shoulder the responsibility of having a family.
  • Shengleng Trail has multiple entry and exit points, and ways to traverse the ridge. Wildfire Expeditions will be traversing the O-shaped Trek which starts from Wuling Quadruple Mountains, with descents from Pintian Cliffs on the west side of Pintian Mountain, and connects to the Shengleng Trail (Holy Ridge Trail) by Buxiulan Mountain. These trekway the is an accessible route and hut system to approach Xue Mountain Range.
  • There are 4 cliff faces thru the Pintian mountain range, which can be climbed down, but the safer approach will be abseiling these parts. The Pintian faces are 20 meter, 10 meter, 20 meter, 5 meter. Abseiling (repelling) is required in these parts.


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