5 Reasons Your Next Dive Trip Should be in the Maldives!

5 Reasons Your Next Dive Trip Should be in the Maldives!
5 Reasons Your Next Dive Trip Should be in the Maldives!
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A holiday in the Maldives is high on many bucket lists. The most common associations that come to mind when Maldives comes up is exclusivity, classy resort living, crystal clear waters, a romantic honeymoon destination – all of which of course, comes with a hefty price tag. But as Wildfire has discovered, there’s plenty of adventures to be found in the Maldives as well. A dive safari in these majestic waters will excite anyone that’s a fan of island and sea life. And of course, diving.? Here’s why…

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Coral Atolls

Atolls are essentially giant rings of coral that developed around the shorelines of islands. Only found in the (sub)tropics, there giant natural structures grow slowly over time, offering a home to an insanely diverse range of ocean life. The Maldives are home to arguably the best 26 atolls in the world, spread out over an area of over 90,000 square kilometers.

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Sharks Everywhere

If you want a chance to swim up close and personal with sharks, the Maldives is your spot. Since 2010, there is a ban on shark fishing in the Maldives. As a result, the number of sharks are on the rise, and many different species are thriving here. It?s very common to spot hundreds of sharks on your dives, and more than 26 different species of shark have been identified in the waters of the Maldives.

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Hospitality that’s out of this World

Luxury Liveaboards and resorts are synonymous with this paradise and?the Maldives have become known for extraordinarily personable hospitality unique to this small country.? Yet with this amazing? 7 star hospitality, the pricetag for this treatment is more than reasonable. There are dive resorts with all inclusive eat-sleep-dive packages for less than 200.00 USD a day.? And for the luxury liveaboards, there are all inclusive packages for around 260.00 USD a day.

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Delicious Cuisine

Being surrounded by the water, fresh ocean catch is everywhere. The typical? breakfast of the Maldives include shredded tuna mixed with fresh coconut, chillis, onion and lime. It’s a burst of flavours unique to this tropical paradise.? It’s not uncommon to finish the evening dive and be greeted by the aroma of tuna steaks being grilled on deck,? with a bit smoky, tangy incense. Beach BBQs? from lobster and turkey to all manner of fish, shellfish? and vegetables were grilled over an open fire. The meals are constant delights.?

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A Disappearing Wonder

The Maldives is the world?s lowest-lying country. With maximum and average natural ground levels of only 2.4 metres and 1.5 metres above sea level, respectively, the Maldives as we know (and love) is in danger of disappearing. Construction cranes descend on islands like Hulumale and further beyond. None other than UN’s environmental panel has warned that, at current rates, the rise in sea level would render the Maldives uninhabitable by 2100. Catch it while you can.

Did you Know

  1. As Asia?s smallest country (yes that is not Singapore), Maldives comprises just under 300 square kilometres of land area.

  2. Also one of the world?s most dispersed countries with over 1,190 coral islands on 26 atolls spreading over approximately 90,000 square kilometres.

  3. The history of the Maldives began with Buddhism developing into an Islamic state when the last Buddha king converted to Islam in the 12th

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