New Zealand Trekking- Exploring Mount Aspiring National Park

Brewster Glacier and Gillespie Pass Trek

New Zealand Trekking- Exploring Mount Aspiring National Park
New Zealand Trekking- Exploring Mount Aspiring National Park

Home to 13 National Parks and up to 30,000 square kilometers of natural heritage, landscape and wildlife, New Zealand is definitely on the bucket list for many who love the outdoors and the wilderness. In late February this year, we had some participants join us on a 4 days 3 nights tramping (also known as hiking / trekking / backpacking in other parts of the world) trip within Mount Aspiring National Park. We were on the Brewster trail, followed by the Gillespie Pass Trek.

After a river crossing, we embarked on the trail towards Brewster Hut. We would walk through a beautiful lush green forest and immerse ourselves in nature and admiring the wildlife that shares the habitat in harmony.

After around 2 hours into the hike, we are finally approaching the end of the tree line and breathtaking views of the peaks behind us emerged.

We continue treading along the ridge line under the clear blue sky, and take in the view of the spectacular landscape around us.

Finally, we got to our home for the night! After a quick lunch break, we dropped our packs and started making our way to the Brewster Glacier. As this is not a well-marked trail other than some occasional rock cairns, anyone attempting this part of the trail will definitely need a guide or possess good navigation skills and experience.

As we got closer, we got a full view of the glacier pool that lies right under the glacier. What a view! Best way to reap the rewards? A 15-minutes siesta right beside the glacier before heading back to the hut.

Sunset view from Brewster Hut.

New Zealand is definitely known for its ever-changing weather too. We woke up to a rainy morning but this does not dampen our spirits. Everyone put on big smiles in front of Brewster Hut before we set off!

Our next stop – Siberia Hut on the Gillespie Pass. Because of inclement weather in the region, the major river streams that we had to cross was flooded. Hence, we had to stay in the hut for 2 nights, but we definitely had lots of fun too! Met new friends, played lots of group games and the group even completed a jigsaw puzzle together. The weather finally got better on the final day, and we had clear views on our helicopter ride out! Beautiful day!

Interested to explore some of the Mount Aspiring National Park treks? Contact us at and we can customise a trip for you based on the trek difficulty and fitness level you desire.

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