PART III : Points for an all day multi pitch climb

PART III : Points for an all day multi pitch climb
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Climbing: ?A Few Keypoints for an all day Multi-Pitch Climb

Location: Lopburi, Thailand

The Climb ? Waltz of a lovely Wife (206m, 5c+)

Beginners Rock Climbing Thailand

Part III: The Climb ? Be confident in building an equalized anchor

Continuing on from the last post, lets cover the final point about this Multipitch Blog.

Although this isn?t necessarily related to multipitch climbing, be ready to build your own anchor if you aren?t familiar with the route. (onsighting the climb)

Meiqi led the 6th and final pitch and couldn?t locate the last bolted anchor.? No problem, she had plenty of slings and at the top there were plenty of strong small trees and rock formations to build an anchor from. She built an anchor when she saw the climb was no longer vertical and was becoming a bit of a rock scramble to the top. She belayed me with no issues and (as I passed the bolted anchors that were clear as day to me) I made it safely to her position and were only meters to the top.? Her anchor was bomber and she felt confident belaying me from it.? Be confident building an anchor.

We started our climb at 8:30am and reached the summit at 2:30pm.? We didn?t push ourselves but we were mindful of the time as we knew the way we climbed up would not be the way we would descend.? The proper descent route would be on a very exposed rock face making for smooth rappels. Or so I had hoped.

It was an amazing day, a beautiful climb and an amazing view from the top.

Break Time

This is by no means a detailed list on multi-pitch climbing.? A full course in multi-pitch climbing should attended to learn the basics and an overview of the fundamentals from a qualified instructor.

Join us on one of our courses to get the skills to confidently do outdoor rock climbing, whether you prefer sport, trad, multi-pitch or all of the above.

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