Photo-Shoot : Stok Kangri Trek, Indian Himalayan Range

Photo-Shoot : Stok Kangri Trek, Indian Himalayan Range
Photo-Shoot : Stok Kangri Trek, Indian Himalayan Range

As we start planning for our great treks in 2019, it’s a good chance to spotlight one of our favourites in 2018! The Stok Kangri trek, has amazing scenery, incredible people, and of course the challenge of summiting a 6000+ meter peak.? The three days of acclimatising in the mountain town of Leh, India made it just the right combination of interacting with the local culture, and taking on the big mountains!

Leh, Ladakh Region, India

The Team on the Mountain

The Journey to Base Camp

Middle Camp, Mannkorma 4730 Meters ASL

Summit Morning

View from the North-West Ridge

The Summit ( 6153m ASL)

Happy Times on Top

Exciting times and a great season for Stok Kangri.? We finished the trip with an exciting day of White Water Rafting to keep the adrenaline flowing thru our veins!? Ready to try it?? Sign up for Stok Kangri 2019!

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