Oceans are our life line. If they disappear, so do we…

Sharks patrolling in Maldives

70% of the Earths surface is Ocean, home to?hundreds of thousands of species of incredible marine life. Imagine a home where 70% of the area is filled with rubbish. Those of us fortunate enough to have access to the underwater world have seen for ourselves the effects of treating the ocean as a huge disposal pit. Floating bits of rubbish marring the otherwise pristine environment; plastics ensnaring marine creatures in the most gruesome manner; murky, polluted waters are but the most obvious manifestation. What about the microplastics ingested by ocean creatures which eventually make their way into the tummies of humans. What about species wiped out of existence due to the alteration in chemical and physical composition of their habitat.

But we have also seen the positive impacts of protected areas, cleanup efforts, and educational programs.?Wildfire Expeditions is committed to protecting and conserving the marine environment. While selecting our partners, in addition to the assessing the quality of their dive operations and track record, we also pay great attention to their environmental conservation efforts such as eliminating single use plastic in their business. We are committed to ensuring that all of our divers understand their duty to dive responsibly in the ocean and aid in preserving it and we are fully supportive of programs such as Reef Environmental Education Foundation and Project Aware.

On land, leave only footprints. In the ocean, leave only bubbles. Take only memories and leave the gift of a cleaner, healthier tomorrow to those who come after us.