Essential Sport Climbing Equipment for the Crag

Essential Sport Climbing Equipment for the Crag

Our article on Beginner Sport Climbing Equipment will give you an idea of what you need to start sport climbing outdoors.

If you?re new to climbing then knowing what you?ll need to get started and progress can be a little daunting. We?ve put together some basic beginner climbing equipment lists to help you out a bit. Beginner Sport Climbing Equipment covers what?you?ll need to get out single pitch sport climbing.

Please remember, as with all the articles, tips and videos on this website, none of the systems, suggestions or practices should be used without proper training and experience. Climbing can be a dangerous sport and all climbers must take responsibility for themselves.

Sport Climbing

So you?ve been working away in your local climbing wall and refining your leading skills. It?s time take to take the plunge and get the kit you?ll need to hit the sport crags.

This kit list presumes that you already own climbing shoes, harness and belay device etc.

Always remember, safety first!

Rope 60m?(minimum)
  • For most UK sport crags you should be ok with a 60m, single, dynamic climbing rope. Always make sure you check the height of the crag where you plan to climb and make sure your rope is long enough!
  • It?s often worth buying a 70m or even 80m to be able to cover many European sport crags.
  • If you?re starting out then don?t go for a rope thats to skinny. Stick to 9.8mm and above.
Quickdraws 12 (minimum)
  • For many? sport crags 12 quickdraws will be enough.
  • For European crags then you?ll need 14+.
Carabiners 1
  • One alloy screw-gate carabiner for use with your PAS (personal anchor system).
  • An oval shape works well, but an HMS or even a D-shape is fine.
Personal Anchor System 1
  • PAS (personal anchor system). This is for when you reach the lower off at the top of the route.
  • It is not recommended to use a climbing sling, as if they are?shock loaded?they snap!
Helmet 1
  • A helmet is a vital piece of kit for any type of outdoor climbing. Yes, we know Chris Sharma doesn?t wear one, but you?re not Chris Sharma!
10mm Oval Maillon 1
  • ?This is for emergency use, when you arrive at the lower off to find an anchor ring thats almost worn through. Ask your instructor about it.

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