Staying Active

“Difficulties strengthen the mind, as labor does the body.” Seneca

We train today so that we can summit tomorrow, but we also train today because of all the benefits it does for our body.

We can take this time and prepare our bodies for the next challenge that comes our way. Training helps keeps us calm, relaxes the body and is great for the immune system. Benefits of exercise include :

  • Improve Your Mood: physical activity increases the production of endorphins, known to produce positive feelings

  • Boost Energy Level: exercise increases insulin sensitivity, helping your body access stored energy to combat fatigue

There are countless blogs and youtube videos and exercise regimens on the internet for a person to spend hours viewing. But do more than just viewing, get up and start that exercise to get the heart rate up, to build endurance, and muscle strength. So when the time comes you will be enjoying the journey to the top of the mountain, not agonising over it.

Here are a few resources that can get you started that you can do right from your home:

Also you can contact us as well! If you have equipment at home and want a refresher, we can set up a video call to review and demonstrate methods such as 5 step belay, How to tie a Figure 8, topping out and cleaning an anchor, etc…

Happy Training All!

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