Top 3 Recommended Climbing Destinations in Thailand

Top 3 Recommended Climbing Destinations in Thailand


Thailand is a great travel destination for those looking for a unique experience. ?Fabulous thai cuisine, retail therapy and affordable massages aside, the pristine beaches, and large temples also make for an amazing cultural outdoor escape. What you don’t often hear about, is Thailand as a top destination for adventure travel in Asia, in particular, for rock climbing.

Whether you are a beginner to rock climbing or an advanced climber looking to challenge yourself, you will be spoilt for choice. You can be climbing by the beach, beside acres of sunflower fields, or even experiencing the adrenaline-pumping deep water solo. So which are the must-go climbing destinations in Thailand?

Krabi (Southern Thailand)

This is probably the most well-known climbing location in Thailand. Railay beach is climbers? top choice because of the abundance of bolted sport climbing routes (over 700 routes) with varying difficulty ranging from Grade 5s to extremes of Grade 8s (French system). There are also spots where you can experience deep water solo. What’s that you ask? Well, you head to an island. You climb without harness or ropes. You go as high as you want to. And you jump right into water to get back down. Right up the alley of adrenaline junkies!

Chiang Mai (Northern Thailand)

Run any research online for rock climbing in Chiang Mai, and the words ?Crazy Horse*? pops up. The lush greenery and spectacular routes entrenched its reputation as the ?world?s greenest mega crags?. With over 150 routes and most routes are around 25m high, ?mega? is well deserved. October to February is the cold season, which means daytime temperatures will be perfect for climbing. From March to May, the dry season sets in where the temperature can get as high as 36 degrees. June to September is the rainy season.

Lopburi (Central Thailand)

150km northeast of Bangkok, the province of Lopburi is home to the biggest sunflower fields in Thailand. Thousands of acres of sunflowers are in full bloom from November through January, the cooler months of the year. Relatively unknown even to the locals, Lopburi actually houses one of the most beautiful limestone crags in Thailand, one of the best-kept secrets you never knew Southeast Asia had! In all the times that I have visited this place, I have not met more than 10 climbers at the climbing wall – including us!There are over 60 routes, oopportunities for multi pitch climbing due to the sheer height, sports and trad routes, and to cap it all, a truly breathtaking view from the top (600 feet).

Adventure with a view across a field full of blooms. What else can you ask for?


* As of 1 August 2018, Crazy Horse will be closed till further notice. Do your research!


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