It’s finally here, Wildfire Expeditions is now offering Singapore National Abseiling Standards Certification Level 2!

Get certified, learn from talented instructors who are also climbers, and become certified to abseil (Rappel). This course teaches a progression into acquiring advance personal proficiency skills to descend and ascend on ropes.

SNAS Level 1 certification is a prerequisite for SNAS Level 2.

What will you learn:

  1. Introduction of Other Abseil Equipment (usage, care, limitation)
    • Accessory cords (various diameter)
    • Slings/ Tapes
    • Descending device – (Tubular, GRIGRI, STOP)
  2. Knots and Hitches
    • Double Figure of 8 knot
      Double Figure of 8 knot with double bight
      Double Fisherman knot
      Tape knot
      Friction knots (Standard, Klemheist, French)
      Clove Hitch
      Italian Hitch (Munter)
      Half Hitch
  3. Setting up fixed anchor system
  4. Descend Practice
    • Abseil with different devices, Italian Hitch
    • Abseil with backup (auto-block)
  5. Ascending on ropes (prusiking)
    • Ascend and descend on ropes using accessory cords
      Ascend and changeover to abseil with backup
  6. Self Rescue Technique
    • Escape from jammed devices, cords
      Escape from knotted rope (joint ropes)
  7. Safety Considerations
    • Rope placement on descender (smiley face)
    • Loading a karabiner on a minor axis & 3 points loading
    • Importance of dressing a good knot
    • Using an auto-braking device



This course is also useful for experienced climbers and mountaineers who want to master the skill of rappelling independently.

Such self-sufficiency aids a quick descent.

As always, spaces are limited, so get in touch to reserve your spot!

LOCATION The Cliff at Snow City
9:00 am
WEAR Comfortable athletic clothing, comfortable shoes
INCLUDED Professional instructor




NOT INCLUDED Food, Sports Drinks

Accessory Cords



EXPERIENCE  SNAS Level 1 is a prerequisite


Please Remember to:

  • Bring Water (some water will be provided)
  • Wear tennis/sport/climbing shoes.
  • Bring a towel as it is very humid
  • And Have fun!

No refund will be issued or rebooking allowed if you cancel less than 7 days prior to your course date. Thank you for your understanding.

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