Why Mongolia should be Your Next Travel Destination

Why Mongolia should be Your Next Travel Destination
TTrek the Countryside of Mongolia

Why You Should Visit Mongolia

Landlocked between China and Russia, the sparsely populated nation of Mongolia has a rich heritage of flora and fauna and scenic landscapes that are sure to take your breath away. The vast expanse of land dotted with high rising peaks, grazing sheep and lamb, and Buddhist villages puts Mongolia on top of the bucket list for any avid traveller. Home to the last of the surviving nomadic cultures, Mongolia offers its tourists an authentic and surreal experience to carry back home. We give you 8 reasons to visit Mongolia this year.

Nomadic Culture

A visit to Mongolia guarantees you the opportunity to get a first hand experience of the nomadic way of life. Mongolians are the most friendly people in the world and although they are new to English, just their smiles are enough to give a grand welcome. Their hospitality is unmatched and Mongolian families offer a chance to stay with them and get a real taste of Mongolian life.

Gobi Desert

One of the largest deserts in the world, it offers numerous ways to explore the vast expanse of sand dunes and beyond. A climb to the top of sand dunes will leave you mesmerized as will the panoramic view of the desert atop of a camel.

Nadaam Festival

Drop into Mongolia during the month of July to savour the festivities – Festival of the Three Manly Sports – wrestling, archery and horse racing. One of the unique sporting events in the world, Nadaam festival, it is celebrated in grandeur in the capital with cultural performances and culinary experiences.

Savour the Serenity

The advantage of visiting a sparsely populated destination is that you get time on your own. Some peace and quiet from the everyday hustle and bustle of routine life is available anywhere you settle in Mongolia. The calm atmosphere allows you to relax your mind and opens up new perspectives that you never thought existed.

Camp anywhere and everywhere

Take in the pristine landscapes by camping out in the open under the star studded skies. The weather will be just right for a night out under the stars with your loved ones to take in the beauty of the scenic landscapes.

For the Love of Food

The country offers a wide array of dishes – from South Indian to the Continental dishes. However, the real taste of the country lies in the mutton fried buttery dumplings and the flaky pastries. Most of the villagers live on sheep milk, sheep cheese and other sources of proteins. For veggie haters, Mongolia is just the right place to try your hand at different meat and protein dishes.

Beauty of the View

Mongolia isn?t simply called Land of the Blue Skies – with 250 sunny days a year, the country has hot summers with extreme winter conditions. Snow covered peaks can be viewed in the winters and the greenery of the land with the fauna of the region is a sight for the sore eyes during summer.

Off the Grid

Excluding the capital Ulaanbaatar populated by three-fourths of Mongolia?s population, the rest of the country is untouched by the modern lifestyle. Undiscovered by majority of the tourists, the country is soon set to develop into a tourist destination. Visit Mongolia now to experience the authentic and surreal heritage of the nation before the location is discovered.

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